Kugelhahn Müller GmbH


  • Brücken und Kupplungen

Brackets and Couplers

ISO 5211/ EN 15801 for actuation

    ◾ Face milling on both ends
    ◾ Stainless steel coupler with position indicator
    ◾ Stainless steel brackets on request

  • Spindelverlängerung für Antriebsaufbau

Stem Extension for actuation

Enclosed stainless steel stem extension (H=100mm)

    ◾ In accordance with ISO 5211
    ◾ Allows the installation of brackets and couplers for automation
    ◾ Hand lever installation is also possible

  • Kugelhahn mit Verriegelung

Lockable Handle

On/Off locking unit

    ◾ Operation is only possible after removal of the padlock
    ◾ Extension (H=100mm) possible
    (Padlock not included)

  • Spindelverlängerungen

Stem Extension

Modular stem extension

    ◾ No need to remove Travel Stop
    ◾ Easy field assembly
    ◾ Several extensions can be simply mounted on top of each other

  • Sicherungseinheit mit
Schloss oder Rastbolzen

Locking Unit with padlock or locking pin

    ◾ Prevents unintended operation of the ball valve
    ◾ Ball valve can only be operated after removal of the padlock or locking pin
    (Padlock and locking pin not included)